Subway co-founder Fred DeLuca dies at age 67

David Cadden

Milford-based Subway co-founder Fred DeLuca died Monday evening after being diagnosed with leukemia in 2013. He was 67.

David Cadden, professor emeritus and part-time faculty member in the School of Business and Engineering, is available to comment about DeLuca's career. 

"Fred DeLuca in many ways exemplifies the notion of the born entrepreneur," Cadden said. "Brooklyn born but raised in Connecticut, DeLuca opened his first Subway outlet at the age of 17. Hey did this as a way to pay for his college education at the University of Bridgeport. Mr. DeLuca's seed capital came from a family friend who lent him $1,000 to start a restaurant whose original intention was to serve healthier food."

Although the first location in Bridgeport provided sufficient cash flow to open a second location, DeLuca realized the importance of selecting the proper location for future outlets. Subway recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

"In its half-century of operation, DeLuca saw Subway became the largest restaurant franchise in the world in terms of the number of outlets - nearly 40,000 worldwide," Cadden said. "Subway's success made for a DeLuca a multibillionaire. He also found time to create an organization to help others succeed in the franchise form of business."

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