Final day for Access Health CT enrollment

Angela Mattie

Today is the final day for Connecticut residents to sign up for health insurance coverage through the Access Health CT program.

Angela Mattie, associate professor of management and chair of the Health Care Management and Organizational Leadership Department in the School of Business, is available to comment.

"As we have now arrived at the March 31 deadline for individuals to obtain health insurance through our state health insurance exchange, 170,000 individuals have already obtained coverage," said Mattie.

"Many of these individuals would have remained uninsured and not had any options for insurance coverage. Obamacare success is in expansion of healthcare insurance coverage for those previously uninsured.  We know that with insurance coverage patients are more likely to seek medical care early thus leading to better health outcomes. These individuals are also more likely to seek care through a primary care provider than the only option previously available to them without insurance coverage--the much more costly emergency department.

"We, as a society, should not rest long on this accomplishment. We will need more primary care practitioners to care for these individuals--putting more pressure on an already overburdened system. And, while Obamacare did expand coverage, real reform in our healthcare system is still needed especially when it comes to patient safety and cost."

To schedule an interview with Mattie, please call John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations, at 203-206-4449.

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