QUEST (Quinnipiac University Engineering, Technology and Science) Student Programs

HSPSP 2012

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Center develops, delivers and sponsors a number of programs for K-12 students that apply the STEM teaching and learning "best practice" models promoted as part of its core mission.  These programs are designed to inspire, educate and engage students in STEM learning and the possible careers available to those that pursue that learning.

Programs for High School Students:

Health Science Professions Summer (HSPS) program
The HSPS program is a one-week commuter program designed for high school students interested in discovering the variety of professions available to students who pursue a college degree in biological and health sciences, nursing and medicine.  The students spend four days immersed in hands-on activities offered by Quinnipiac University's schools of Nursing, Health Sciences and Medicine and the College of Arts and Sciences
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Pathways to Nursing (P2N) Program
In partnership with the School of Nursing, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Center offers the opportunity for students from two local school districts to take part in this innovative after-school program each year. Students are transported to the Quinnipiac campus one afternoon per week for five weeks in either the Fall or Spring semester to take part in hands-on learning activities that expose the students to real-world nursing experiences. The students also gain knowledge and skills in the process of applying to a nursing program and an understanding of the importance of studying science and math as part of a nurse's college preparation.

Quinnipiac University Summer High-school Opportunities of Research in STEM (QU-SHORS)
This summer research opportunity is designed to give high school seniors a STEM-focused, hands-on research experience.  Working with a Quinnipiac faculty member and a QUIPS-RS undergraduate research student, each QU-SHORS participant spends two afternoons per week during June preparing for the research experience on the Quinnipiac campus. The participants then work as a full-time member of the research team for the first two weeks of their summer vacation.
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Programs for Middle School Students:

Quinnipiac University Summer Middle-school Opportunity for Research in Environmental Science (QU-SMORES) at Farm River
The QU-SMORES program is a one-week commuter program designed to introduce middle school students to the issues of environmental science through hands on activities that take place both on the Quinnipiac campus and at the Farm River State Park that is managed by Quinnipiac University. 
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