Excellence in Teaching Award

The Excellence in Teaching Award will recognize any Quinnipiac faculty member (full time or part time) for the excellence of their teaching of Quinnipiac students. Excellence may include teaching that is clearly beyond the high standard the University already assumes or that is extraordinary in the innovative methods it brings to the Quinnipiac classroom.

The awards committee shall consider nominations from students, student groups, colleagues or alumni. No self-nominations shall be considered. Through April 15, 2015, nominations will be accepted on the Center's website, via e-mail or University mail. Each nomination should state why the nominator believes the nominee has demonstrated excellence and/or innovation in teaching.

Teaching excellence may include, for example, extraordinary ability to communicate knowledge to students or help them develop skills, extraordinary commitment to helping students learn, extraordinary efforts to reach out to students who are having difficulty learning and extraordinary ability to create a challenging and exciting learning experience.

Teaching innovation may include, for example, use of novel or unusual teaching styles, techniques or approaches, learning environments, assignments, activities, curricula, technologies or materials.

All full- and part-time faculty members are eligible for the Excellence in Teaching Awards. Although it is recognized that a professor may have distinguished accomplishments and a high level of excellence in teaching over time, no individual shall receive this award more than once over a three-year time period.

Supporting Documentation
The awards committee shall ask semifinalists (who are selected based on the strength of the nominations) to provide a personal statement, not to exceed two pages, discussing their experience and approach to teaching and providing any course materials or other supporting materials the nominee believes would be helpful to the awards committee.

Awards Selection Committee
The awards committee shall be composed of two board members of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students (one of whom will act as the chairperson ) and three other members, two of whom are students and one of whom is a past award recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award.

The awards committee may consult informally with the nominee's department chair, dean or chief academic officer.

The selection committee will consider all nominations and make recommendations to the board of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students, which will make the final decision. The awards will be presented at an annual awards ceremony in the fall semester.

Members of the board of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students may neither nominate nor accept a nomination while serving on the board. If nominated, a board member must decline the nomination or may resign from the board for the remainder of his/her term. Likewise, members of the selection committee may neither nominate nor accept a nomination while serving on the committee.

Recipient Awards:

  • Name placed on a stone and bronze sculptural plaque located in the Arnold Bernhard Library, which recognizes award recipients.
  • An invitation to a Board of Trustees reception.
  • A $3,000 cash award.
  • An awards luncheon with the President and fellow award recipients.
  • Recognition at the annual awards ceremony.
  • Featured in the Quinnipiac Magazine.

Online Nomination Form

Printable Nomination Form (Adobe PDF)

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