Promoting a community of learning

Quinnipiac's Collaborative is a network of faculty and staff who work to improve the quality of student learning by exploring the principles of effective teaching, supporting scholarship and encouraging communication and collaboration across campus. The collaborative also works closely with academic and student affairs to support major campus initiatives.

Faculty members from all of the schools and colleges of the University are represented on the executive and steering committees, which work with the director, Deborah Clark, associate director, Kim Hartmann, and academic affairs to determine campus needs.

clark hartmann
Director Associate Director
Deborah Clark Kimberly Hartmann
Buckman Center Room 146, Mount Carmel Campus Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Room 305F, North Haven Campus
203-582-8270 203-582-8679

Executive Committee
Deborah Clark, director, professor of biology
Kim Hartmann, associate director, associate professor and chair of occupational therapy
Mark Hoffman, professor of computer science
Bruce Saulnier, professor of information systems management

Steering Committee
Nancy Bagatell, chair of Scholarship Across the Disciplines Committee
Don Buckley, College of Arts and Sciences
Andrew Delohery, associate vice president of retention & academic success
Christine Fitzgerald, chair of Excellence in Education Seminar Series (EESS)
Greg Garvey, chair of Service Learning Committee
Anne Harrigan, co-chair of Committee on Education and Enhancement of Part-time Faculty (CEEP)
Joanne Kabak, co-chair of Committee on Education and Enhancement of Part-time Faculty (CEEP)
Linda Lindroth, part-time faculty
Gary Pandolfi, academic technology
Francis Rowe, QU Online, chair of Technology Users Group (TUG)
Jill Shahverdian, director of QU Seminar Series
Robert Smart, chair of Quinnipiac University Writing Across the Curriculum

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