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A collaborative effort by representatives from the various schools, colleges and academic administration to share innovative ideas in education with the Quinnipiac community.

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Christine G. Fitzgerald, chairperson, director of health and science studies program
Echlin Center 222

Recent Seminars

"Aligning Courses to Campus ELOs " (April 4, 2013)
Professors Tracie Addy, biology, Monica Cavender, education, Neil Nelan, mathematics, Lisa Coplit, School of Medicine, and Victoria Richards, medical sciences, presented methods by which they aligned formative and summative assessments to Quinnipiac's Essential Learning Outcomes to help gauge student growth towards proficiency. This session was moderated by Jeremy Anderson and Annalisa Zinn.

"Flipping the Classroom" (March 20, 2013)
Professors Tracie Addy, biology, Fodei Batty, political science, Cindy Barrere, Robin Guisti and Barbara Glynn, nursing, and Kevin Basmadjian, education, shared how they use recorded lectures as homework to increase interactivity and engagement during class meetings. Panelists shared practical advice and student feedback gleaned from their experiences with the strategy of flipping. Convened by Kevin Basmadjian and Jeremy Anderson.

"Aligning Program Learning Outcomes with Expertise Necessary for Student Success" (September 6, 2012)
Bruce White, computer information systems, Sean Duffy, political science, and Annalisa Zinn, academic affairs, shared examples of how their departments' work on program outcomes is focused on developing successful students and presented industry data that is helpful in designing learning outcomes.

"Creative Thinking About Student Motivation" (April 10, 2012)
Dr. Valerie Smith, associate professor of English, discussed current concerns with college student success, fueled by the drive for accountability, that have recently made big news in works such as AcademicallyAdrift. Studies assessing the learning that actually takes place in undergraduate institutions (accompanied by information garnered from employers) paint a grim picture, often citing a mysterious lack of motivation on the part of students. The question of how to enhance student motivation for learning, not just getting by or racking up grades, has become an urgent part of the national conversation, one taken up by John Tagg in The Learning Paradigm. This workshop focused on using some of the methods recommended by Michael Michalko in "Cracking Creativity" to brainstorm a variety of ideas to enhance student motivation for learning.

"Stages of Development of College Students" (April 3, 2012)
Megan Buda, director of student conduct, dean of students, and Courtney McKenna, associate director of student center and campus life, led this interactive presentation on theories of student development and current trends in different populations of students, such as freshmen versus seniors. Group discussion and case studies were used to explore how we can determine where students are developmentally and help them to develop and progress here at Quinnipiac. (View video) (MyQ access required)

"Changing the Role of Advisor From 'All-Knowing' Director To Advisor/Mentor" (March 27, 2012)
A panel presentation and dialogue by Kim Hartmann, Catherine Meriano, Barbara Nadeau and Tracy Van Oss, occupational therapy, Bob Smart, English, and Chad Nehrt, international business. Discussed were the following: a review of how the advising process relates to personal success plans and the university proficiencies, methods for promoting advisement as a time for learning, and problem solving strategies for advisement as learning even with large numbers of advisees.

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