Alexander LaskinAlexander Laskin
Assistant professor of public relations
Department of Public Relations, School of Communications

Relationship Between Math Apprehension and Curricular Choices of Communication Students: An Experiment  (2010 Project)
To establish a causal relationship between math apprehension and curricula choice of communication students, we developed an experimental research design, where the independent variable was math apprehension and the dependent variables were students' curricular and professional choices.

The project was conducted with Hilary Fussell Sisco.

Risk framing effects on students' learning  (2011 project)
An issue I would like to study is risk framing and its influence on students' learning. Much research was conducted in psychology, advertising, marketing, and related disciplines on framing various choices facing people - specifically, framing of risk in such a choice. In my research I would like to advance this area of research into the student learning environment and the area of student engagement. For example, I can see if students would be more likely to engage in class discussion if presented with a negative frame, "Lack of participation in class discussion will lead to a grade reduction" than if presented with a positive frame, "Students who actively participate in class discussions will improve their grade." In addition, I would like to see the effect of risk framing on other components of learning - such as calling attention to specific information or skills.

Conference Presentations

  • Laskin, A. and Fussell Sisco, H. 2010. The Causal Relationship between Math Apprehension and Curricular Choices among Communication Students: An Experiment. Public Relations Society of America Educators Academy, Washington, D.C., October, 2010. View the conference program (PDF)
  • Laskin, A. 2011.  Education and Professionalization of Investor Relations Officers. Association for Business Communication Annual Convention, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October, 2011.

Conferences Attended with SoTL Faculty Scholar Support

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