Catherine MerianoCatherine Meriano
Professor of occupational therapy
Department of Occupational Therapy, School of Health Sciences

The Use of Concept Mapping to Increase Critical Thinking Skills
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This project evaluated the use of concept mapping and "choices" in problem-based learning.  The "choices" were situations where the students had to make a decision and they were given a different continuation of the problem based learning (PBL) case depending on the group's decision. These "choices" increase as students progress through the occupational therapy program (total of three PBL classes in curriculum). This project looked for differences in the ability to make critical decisions with and without the use of concept mapping as a tool.

Conference Presentations

  • Meriano, C. 2011. The Use of a Problem-based Learning Developmental Continuum. Facilitate International Conference--Problem Based Learning: Today and Tomorrow, Dublin, Ireland, May, 2011.

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