Salvador BondocSalvador Bondoc
Associate professor of occupational therapy
Department of Occupational Therapy, School of Health Sciences

An Introductory Interprofessional Collaborative Experience Between Occupational and Physical Therapy Students in a Neurorehabilitation Course (2011 project)
Occupational and physical therapy professionals are natural partners in neurorehabilitation, especially in the acute stages of recovery. To enhance student learning experiences from both disciplines, we have developed a pilot interprofessional learning unit that was embedded in neurorehabilitation tracks of each respective program. The primary goal of this project is to examine interprofessional attitudes and readiness for interprofessional learning. A secondary outcome that we hope to address is the development of critical thinking and reasoning. The unit required students to participate in a joint case analysis and collaboratively design an intervention plan following the ICF Model.  

This research project is being conducted with Tracy Wall.

Self-Regulated Learning Among Health Science Students (2012 project)
This observational study aims to describe self-regulated learning (SRL) among health science students who enter Quinnipiac University. We have recruited approximately 150 freshmen who planned to major in occupational therapy or health science studies. We have completed the first year of data collection to answer our research questions: (1) Does SRL develop over time? (2) What factors contribute to or inhibit the development of SRL? Our findings will provide insight into our students' self-regulated learning and assist in future program development.

This research project is being conducted with Christine Fitzgerald.

Conference Presentations

  • Bondoc, S. and Wall, T. 2012. Effect of an IPE Experience on Student Readiness Towards Neurorehabilitation Practice (Work in-Progress).  Interprofessional Care for the 21st Century: Redefining Education and Practice, Jefferson InterProfessional Education Center, Philadelphia, PA, May 2012.
  • Bondoc, S. & Wall, T. 2013. Outcomes of an Interprofessional Educational Experience in a Graduate Neurorehabilitation Course: A Mixed Methods Study. Paper presentation at the Collaboration Across Borders IV conference in Vancouver, Canada, June 14.

Conferences Attended with SoTL Faculty Scholar Support

  • JCIPE 2012 Conference: Interprofessional Care for the 21st Century: Redefining Education and Practice at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA on May 18-19, 2012

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