Tracie Addy Tracy Addy
Assistant professor of biology
Department of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

Learning Paradigm Update (4/3/12) -- Video

Epistemologies and Study Process Skills of General Biology Students (2012 Project)
This study involved measuring the beliefs toward teaching and learning of biology students as well as their study process skills at the beginning and end of the semester.

The Influence of Critical Thinking Skills-Based Lessons on Biology Students' Higher Thinking Abilities and Approaches to Learning (2011 project)
The primary goal of this study was to determine whether embedding critical thinking skills-based lessons within a biology course positively impacted student critical thinking skills. A secondary goal was to determine whether a lecture-free/minimalized lecture introductory biology course format impacted students' approaches to learning. In this format, lectures were viewed as recordings prior to class and class time was focused upon problem-solving and critical thinking.


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  • Addy, T.M. 2012. Enhancing learning in STEM fields by hiring and supporting faculty with educational expertise. The Exchange, 25 (4): 11-13.

Conference presentations

  • Addy, T. 2012. "Implementation of Critical Thinking Exercises in Introductory Biology." National Biology Education Research Symposium. National Association of Biology Teachers Professional Development Conference. Dallas, TX. October 31 - November 3.
  • Addy, T. 2012. "Fostering Student Learning of Course Material Using Lecture Recordings." New England Faculty Development Consortium Spring Conference: Making the Technology Transparent-The Professor's Dilemma. New England Institute of Technology, RI. June 8.

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