The Technology Users Group (TUG) is a collection of seminars and presentations about how the expanding collections of educational technology services might positively influence pedagogy and learning.

Contact Information
Frances Rowe, director of instructional design for QU Online
3093 Whitney Avenue

Antoneta Vanc, assistant professor of public relations
Faculty Office Building 19

Recent Seminars
"Video Killed the Term Paper Star: An Introduction to Digital Storytelling" (Oct. 7, 2010)
Peter Burkholder, assistant professor of history at Fairleigh Dickson, described why and how he implemented digital video storytelling as an alternative to a term paper.

"Free Culture: The Future of Creativity, Collaboration and Knowledge" (March 25, 2010)
Elizabeth Stark, Visiting Fellow at the Yale Information Society Project at Yale, delivered an engaging presentation on the future of shared information and the open Web.

Seminar Archive

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