The Collaborative provides services to full- and part-time instructors that support excellence in teaching and student learning. All services are completely confidential, and should be requested by the instructor.

To request one of the services below, please e-mail the director, Deborah Clark, at

Midterm Checkpoint
As an instructor, it is extremely valuable to get student feedback on a course while it is still in progress. As a student, it is important to think about what one does in a course that helps or hinders one's learning. For this service, a member of the Collaborative Steering Committee facilitates a discussion with students about their perceptions of the course and learning strategies. The instructor and the facilitator then dialogue about the results and brainstorm ideas for the remainder of the course. More information.

While the Collaborative's workshops and seminars provide valuable information and opportunities to learn from colleagues across the university, consultations with the director or associate director of the Collaborative are also available. Classroom visits and/or video recording can also be arranged.

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