As an instructor, it is extremely valuable to get student feedback on a course while it is still in progress. As a student, it is important to think about what one does in and out of the course that helps or hinders learning. For this service, a member of the Collaborative Steering Committee facilitates a discussion with students about their perceptions of the course and learning strategies. The instructor and the facilitator then dialogue about the results and brainstorm ideas for the remainder of the course.

There are many forms of course assessment, each of which can provide valuable feedback. Experience with the midterm checkpoint in an ongoing course at Quinnipiac University has shown that students provide candid responses to the facilitator, perhaps because they realize their instructor has voluntarily chosen to involve them in the learning and course planning process.

The midterm checkpoint is carried out during class time, and is completed in twenty minutes. Checkpoints should be scheduled early, so they can occur during the two weeks before or after the semester midpoint.

1. Complete the Midterm Checkpoint Request Form during the first three weeks of the course; submit by email to This form asks you to share your course goals and/or concerns, and identify several possible dates for the checkpoint. Contact Deborah Clark at 203-582-8270 if you have any questions.
2. A checkpoint date will be selected after consultation with you and the checkpoint facilitators.
3. On the day of the checkpoint, you will introduce the Collaborative facilitator, explain why you have chosen to devote class time to this process, and then leave the classroom.
4. The following questions will be answered first individually and then in groups, followed by a discussion of the points your students feel are most important to convey to you, their instructor:

- What do you like most about this course and/or the instructor's teaching of it?

- What can YOU do to make this course an even better learning experience? What can the instructor do?

5. The facilitator will meet with you to discuss the student responses. All individual written work will be given to you, plus the summary sheets prepared during the checkpoint.

**All transcripts, worksheets and conversations will be treated with the strictest confidence. They will never be shown to anyone other than the instructor.

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