An in-depth discussion

"WAC at Quinnipiac: Faculty Speak" is a 30-minute panel presentation featuring new and longtime faculty members who have participated in Quinnipiac University's Writing Across the Curriculum program. The focus of the discussion is on two issues: the specific impact of WAC ideas and techniques on classroom instruction and the value of these techniques for faculty within the majors.

The moderator is Sean Duffy (political science), a charter member of the Quinnipiac University Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (QUWAC), and the other participants include Christian Eggers (biomedical science), Jill Shahverdian (mathematics), Linda Lindroth (art) and William Jellison (psychology).

The discussion reflects how far reaching the changes created by Quinnipiac's WAC program have been, both for individual faculty and for the larger campus culture.

Watch the video.

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