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Legal Matters

Students at Quinnipiac are challenged to think about all kinds of problems and strategize for solutions. We offer students the theoretical background and real-world experiences they need to become informed citizens.

Reforming Health Care Laws

Quinnipiac hosted a panel about how the new health care laws will impact employers.

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A speaker at the gun law symposium

Gun Laws and Public Health

A recent symposium sparked conversations & ideas about preventing gun violence.

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From left: Christine Gertsch, Kevin Barry, Celeste Maynard, Joshua Scollins and Marissa Vicario

Civil Justice Clinic Honored

The School of Law clinic was honored with an award for its work on repealing Connecticut's death penalty.

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Taking Care of Business

A newly designed course in the School of Law covers the challenges of running a law firm.

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Law student Vanessa Brown

Student Spotlight

ER physician Vanessa Brown sees her share of trauma. She plans to use her legal education to improve public policy on health care.

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Education for the 21st Century
Students come to Quinnipiac eager to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets that lead to meaningful, satisfying career success. Recognizing the ongoing changes in the world around us, Quinnipiac supports and broadens these individual aspirations through a rigorous educational experience. We expect our students to become intentional learners who embody confidence and integrity, and who will emerge as informed leaders in their professions, in the communities where they live, and in their roles as global citizens in the 21st century.