Marc J. Herman JD ‘14

Marc J. Herman

Marc Herman obtained his first law degree in England before coming to the United States. Passionate about litigation, Herman enrolled at Quinnipiac School of Law to earn his juris doctor degree, a prerequisite to practicing law in Connecticut.

Herman became interested in the law while watching the British television series "Rumpole of the Bailey," which depicted Horace Rumpole, a barrister with a passion for defending any and all clients in London's Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey.

"I realized that I wanted to be a litigator," explains Herman. "I am really interested in the art of persuasive writing and oral advocacy. I always wanted to develop the skills to be an effective orator and writer. I enjoy the challenge of identifying legal issues and researching the law to craft my arguments."

Herman and his American wife met while working as counselors at Camp Laurelwood in Madison, Conn. in 2008. After moving to the United States, he enrolled at Quinnipiac both because of its proximity to the couple's home in Bridgeport and because of its beautiful setting and small size.

"I've been very impressed with those professors who have really made efforts to help, meet with me outside of class time and who are invested in the development of my skills as a future member of the legal profession," says Herman, now a second-year law student.

In addition to the one-on-one interactions with professors that a small school affords, Herman has also found that the small student body helps to create a relaxed and collaborative environment. Herman says he has made some close friends and holds many of his classmates in high esteem. "There are very smart, able students here who offer interesting points in class," he adds.

Over the past summer, Herman worked in the legal standards department at Subway® headquarters in Milford, Conn., where he gained experience dealing with franchise agreement compliance issues. He attended arbitrations and worked on drafting franchise agreements.

"The experience allowed me to view and understand problems from both the franchisee and the franchisor's view," says Herman. "I really enjoyed the hands-on experience and I was extremely fortunate to gain such practical legal exposure in a first-class corporate environment."


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