President Obama uses 'n word' while discussing racism on recent 'WTF' podcast

Donald Sawyer

In an interview with Marc Maron's "WTF" podcast released today, President Obama said the legacy of slavery still "casts a long shadow" on American life, and he said that choosing not to say the "n word" in public does not eliminate racism from society.

"I heard the clip of the president and I find nothing wrong with what he said," said Don Sawyer, a race scholar who is an assistant professor of sociology at Quinnipiac University. "He was making a bold point about racism in the U.S. and race relations. He used the so-called 'n-word' to make a point. He didn't use the word in a derogatory manner. He didn't use it towards another person. He spoke the truth about racism in this country. People (white people) not saying the 'n-word' in public is not the measuring stick for whether or not racism has been cured. I don't think President Obama using the word to make a point is a reason to be shocked."

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