Aaron Bernard quoted in HealthDay article
Aaron Bernard, clinical skills director, was quoted in the April 17 story "Tonsillectomy may spur weight gain in kids, but won't cause obesity: study."
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Scott McLean quoted in national NPR story
Scott McLean, professor of political science, was quoted in the April 15 story "In Connecticut, An Obama Campaign Replay." The story aired on more than 100 affiliate stations.
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Linda Ellis op-ed published in Live Science
Linda Ellis, associate professor of medical sciences, wrote an op-ed entitled "Diganosis: Broken Medical System. Cure: Complicated" that was published on Live Science on April 10. 
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Mordechai Gordon quoted in New York Times article
Mordechai Gordon, professor of education, was quoted in the April 10 article "Free to be mean: Does this student satire cross the line?"
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Khalilah Brown-Dean's column published in the New York Times
Khalilah Brown-Dean, associate professor of political science, wrote a column entitled "No Justice for Victims of Color" that appears in the April 6 edition of the New York Times. The column was included as part of a series debating capital punishment in America. 
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Sang Nam quoted in E-Commerce Times article
Sang Nam, associate professor of communications, was quoted in the April 3 story, "Net neutrality wins tough battle in European parliament."
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Carrie Bulger quoted in article
Carrie Bulger, professor and chair of the psychology department, was quoted in the March 28 story, "Men More Distressed by Military Sexual Harassment: Study." The story discussed the results of a study conducted by the American Psychological Association on stress caused by sexual harrassment in the military. The NBC story appeared on several affiliate stations throughout the nation.
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Harold Kaplan quoted in USA Today article
Harold Kaplan, Medical Student Home (MeSH) program director and associate professor of medical sciences, was quoted in the March 25 story, "Best retirement advice for many: Never retire."
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Dana White quoted in CBSNews article
Dana White, clinical assistant professor of athletic training and sports medicine and registered dietician, was quoted in the March 18 story, "Saturated fats not so bad for heart after all?"
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Christine Kinealy quoted in New York Times and NPR
Christine Kinealy, professor of history and director of the Great Hunger Institute, was quoted in Timothy Egan's March 15 opinion piece,"Paul Ryan's Irish Amnesia." Read the article
She was also quoted in the March 17 NPR story, "The Dark History Of Green Food On St. Patrick's Day." Read the article

Rich Hanley quoted in E-Commerce Times article
Rich Hanley, associate professor of journalism and director of the graduate journalism program, was quoted in a March 5 E-Commerce Times article, "Flipboard Gets Its Hands on Zite."
The article also appears in CRM Buyer, TechNewsWorld, MacNewsWorld and Linux Insider.
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