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Opportunities in Sports Journalism
The global audience for sports grows each year, and that means opportunities abound for people who look to transform their passion for the games into rewarding careers. From fantasy sports advice and profiles to game coverage and analysis, sportswriters create the stories that add information, meaning and depth to the immediacy of the action unfolding in front of billions of fans.

Quinnipiac University is ready to channel that passion and growth into professional journalistic practice through its MS in sports journalism - online writing program. Among the first of its kind offered in the United States, the MS in sports journalism prepares students to go beyond the box score to write detailed accounts of games, athletes, and the culture of sports.

Previous journalism experience is not required.

Nestled amid the burgeoning sports media cluster of magazines, websites, cable networks and professional league headquarters along the I-95 corridor on the eastern seaboard, Quinnipiac is uniquely positioned to facilitate career-launching opportunities. It's not only the location in proximity to ESPN, NBC Sports and the New York epicenter of sports media, but our alumni as well, who stand ready to help with opportunities and mentoring.

Our geographic standing and academic reputation for excellence provides access to professional sports journalists working at the highest levels of practice who serve as instructors.

Students completing the program can expect opportunities as:
  • Sportswriters for traditional and emerging digital media
  • Sports editors
  • Sports information specialists for college and professional teams
  • Research analysts for television and radio

The MS in Sports Journalism program offers two tracks: an online writing track and an on-campus broadcast/multimedia track. Those interested in the broadcast/multimedia track should apply through Graduate Admissions.

The online writing track prepares students to use reason, analysis and advanced writing techniques to formulate engaging stories on the games, athletes and cultural and social forces circulating through amateur, collegiate and professional sports.

The writing track focuses on composing distinct narratives that will inform, enlighten and surprise even the most well-informed reader with useful information on topics that require an investment of thought, time and creative vitality to reveal.

In this program, students will learn to:
  • Understand professional sports journalistic practices, ethical standards and technologies related to the field and be able to apply reason and creativity to write stories that are meaningful to readers who already know the score.
  • Analyze information based on journalistic practices of research, interviews and observation.
  • Evaluate information in determining the story's narrative structure and reach via social media and other applications.
  • Create a story that informs, enlightens, entertains and is useful to the reader or audience within the structure of professional sports journalism.

Start Dates: Fall (late August), Spring (late January)