Annie McGuire '84

Entrepreneur Annie McGuire describes herself as a corporate matchmaker. "I think my gift is the ability to bring people together--it's like I marry people, without the ministry degree," she says with an easy smile.

Three years ago she founded Anniemac Consulting of Boston. She helps clients connect with other businesses that can benefit from their services. One of her clients is Clarity, a New York-based staffing company. "Clarity shares the same core values as me, so it is easy to connect them with my network."

Her growing emphasis at Anniemac is on improving corporate culture. "I've run focus groups to help executives know who their employees are," she says. "As companies grow, they tend to lose that focus, but the greatest asset for a business is its people. Feed them what they need," she advises.

After graduating from Quinnipiac in 1984 with a BA in communications, McGuire worked in a variety of sales positions. Her career thrived, and she became vice president of radio sales for Greater Media Inc., which owns and operates 19 radio stations in the U.S. She oversaw five stations in Greater Boston and was responsible for $50 million in revenue. In 2003, the American Women in Radio and Television honored McGuire for her dedication to the industry and her work with the Boston community.

McGuire works a lot of pressure-filled hours, but loves her job. "I surrounded myself with great talent-that's how to be successful." She also embraced a personal philosophy of self-improvement. "Make each day one better has always been my mantra. I believe we should start with bettering ourselves and then hopefully convey that to others."

McGuire's years at Quinnipiac shaped her career in many ways. "I think the biggest thing I learned was courage, first, and then confidence. I learned to step outside of a routine and explore other options. I also learned better communication skills by embracing different cultures, opinions and lifestyles." McGuire is an avid golfer, plays co-ed softball and basketball. She also mentors two teenagers in Boston, serves on the board of the New England Eye Institute and Friends of Women's Health at the Boston Medical Centers.

She also serves on the advisory board for the School of Communications and recently endowed a communications scholarship at Quinnipiac. "It is a selfish thing, really, because it makes me feel so good," she says. "I want someone else to be able to have the same experience I had--to have spent time at this wonderful university."

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