Dawud W. Amin JD ’15

Quinnipiac law student Dawud Amin

As a 13-year professional firefighter, Dawud W. Amin has witnessed tragedy up close. One particular call made him realize that he wanted to do even more to protect those in his community.

Amin recalls the story of an immigrant family who lived in an illegally divided apartment building plagued by electrical problems. The family often had to rely on candles for light. "Eventually, this led to a fire and, very unfortunately, they died," Amin explains.  "I was the one who found them and I knew I had to do something."

He decided to pursue a legal degree in order to be able to better advocate for people. Now a first-year law student at Quinnipiac School of Law, Amin says Quinnipiac was his ideal school. "I wanted to get in here above any other place. My experience has been nothing but positive and it just keeps improving."

Amin, who studied political science as an undergraduate, says he has long been interested in philosophy and the law.

As a part-time student with a full-time job, Amin's time is precious. But that hasn't stopped him from getting involved in student groups. He serves as a senator for the Student Bar Association and is a member of the Society for Dispute Resolution. He participated in an intramural mock trial, and he and his partner won a competition for best client interview. 

Like many of his peers, Amin appreciates the collegial atmosphere at Quinnipiac. "The students here are smart and often offer to help. This is really a community school. My mentors go out of their way to make sure I am doing well. They offer advice, notes and even reached out to me during the recent hurricane to check on me and encourage me to use the 'down' time wisely."

He has also received support and encouragement from faculty members. "Professors here are definitely very knowledgeable - they really know their stuff. But more than that, while they know what the answer should be, they are also very good at knowing why you might be having trouble finding the answer," he says.

"They will push, guide and encourage you to consider different angles to come up with the answer yourself. They get to know their students and create an environment where you're able to make mistakes and learn."


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