Deirdre Rogusky '88

Deirdre Rogusky '88 has come a long way since her undergraduate career at Quinnipiac. As client services manager at PC Connection in Merricmak, N.H., a Fortune 1000 company with revenues topping $1 billion, she leads a team of 11 high-tech experts who support more than 1,600 employees.

At Quinnipiac, she served as president of a student theater group, co-chair of the student judicial board, and was one of three student members on the Board of Trustees. "I had great professors, and I still keep in touch with some of them. The professors and staff always treated the students as individuals and took the time to know us."

After earning her bachelor's degree in computer information systems in 1988, Rogusky went on to earn an MBA and a master's in organizational leadership from Southern New Hampshire University while working full time and juggling duties for many civic groups.

Right out of college, Rogusky applied for a job as a teller at a local credit union. Instead of giving her the teller job, the company made her assistant director of information technology. Since then she has built a solid career in technology, holding a variety of positions in the industry before joining PC Connection.

Growing up in New Britain, Conn., Rogusky lives by her mother's advice that everything should be "done right the first time."
The second guiding principle in her life is Steven Covey's recommendation to begin with the end in mind. "It shapes everything I do pertaining to that situation, so that I can affect the outcome and not let the outcome affect me," she said.

Rogusky finds there is a lack of confidence in the field of technology. "Ninety percent of the people I interview are men, and the few women I do interview typically don't exude confidence," she said. "I think we need to offer courses that focus on providing women the confidence they need for their jobs - and anything else they'd like to accomplish."

As a new member of the School of Business Advisory Board, Rogusky hopes to address these issues and build mentoring relationships.
Fall 2011

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