Game Design

If you're a creative person with an interest in gaming, Quinnipiac's game design and development program could be a good fit.

Game design is the design of the goals, structure and rules of how a game is played. Game development is the creation of the resources for games such as characters, props, costumes, architecture, levels and sound.

Our game design and development program focuses on the application of game technologies beyond commercial entertainment by addressing serious topics in health, social, economic and environmental issues, education, scientific literacy and general productivity. Students develop specialized technical skills and competence in electronic art and design. A unique feature of the program is the game lab where students come together in teams to build game prototypes. 

"I just like the idea of making games," said Greg Rava, a student in the BA program. "It's a lot of fun. Game design and development is a newer major all over the place. It's a big industry, and Quinnipiac is keeping up with the times. The idea of making your own games appeals to people, especially those who grew up playing games."

Job opportunities in the field range from programming and graphic arts to music and writing. "I've always liked all sorts of games--card games, board games, sports, video games and storytelling games," said Ira Fay, assistant professor of game design and development at Quinnipiac. "The best part about working in the video game industry is collaborating with people who have widely diverse skills to create fun."

Watch a video about a game design student project.


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