The Move-In Crew

When you first arrive on Quinnipiac's campus, you'll literally be greeted with open arms.

About 500 upperclassmen are stationed at the freshmen areas to help students unload and move their belongings into their new home. The helpers are easy to spot, as they wear bright blue t-shirts that read, "What can blue do for you."

"They went to the car and took everything out. I carried in one pillow," said Erika Sakkestad, a freshman in the School of Health Sciences. "They showed me where my room is and helped me get hooked up to the Internet," said Isaac Chassman, also a freshman in the School of Health Sciences. "Every corner there was somebody directing you where to go. It's better than a GPS," added Fred Chassman, Isaac's dad.

The tradition also helps ease freshman anxiety. The upperclassmen do it all--they show students where their rooms are and offer tips on the most efficient use of the space, as well as answer questions. "I know how stressful it can be," said sophomore Kelly Meara, a Move-In Crew member. "It's nice to have a bunch of smiling faces helping out."

Why do the helpers come back year after year? They don't get paid, and they don't get credit. They come back because they love Quinnipiac and want to share their excitement with new students.

"It's our chance to reach out to the new group of students coming to campus and spark their interest in getting involved on campus," said junior Andrea Rogers, a Move-In Crew member. "We make sure they have a great welcoming experience. It's good to feel at home away from home."

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