Accounting is the language of business. It is used to communicate financial and other information to people, organizations and governments.

Quinnipiac University boasts one of the oldest programs of its kind in Connecticut. Our Accounting program has produced successful graduates who are CPAs, controllers, senior auditors and entrepreneurs.

The focus of the Department of Accounting is to provide a broad education designed to foster an understanding of business and accounting concepts relevant to today's global economy.

The goals of the department are:

  • To offer a relevant curriculum that provides the student with an understanding of accounting, shows the relationship of accounting to other disciplines, balances theory and practice, and communicates the ethical standards of the profession.
  • To enrich the students' learning environment by developing their skills in communicating, analyzing, critical thinking, problem solving and computer applications
  • To provide information about accounting careers and certifications
  • To foster student involvement in the business community through internships, seminars with accounting practitioners and participation in professional organizations.
  • To assure faculty are current in their fields and contribute to the business and academic community.
Most accounting students continue their education in master's degree programs or in professional education courses. Many entrepreneurs have benefited from a strong accounting background.

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