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BS in Civil Engineering

The bachelor of science in civil engineering has a broad-based curriculum that provides exposure to technical issues and design in a number of civil engineering subdisciplines including: structural, environmental, geotechnical, hydraulic and construction management. Civil engineering projects are often multidisciplinary in nature and can involve large public works. Specifically, civil engineers design, build and maintain a variety of projects including: roads, buildings, tunnels, retaining walls, dams, bridges, airports, water supplies and sewerage systems.

Through exposure to the University Curriculum, foundational coursework in science and mathematics, major field courses and extra-curricular activities, graduates will achieve intellectual proficiencies in critical thinking and reasoning, scientific literacy, quantitative reasoning, information fluency, and creative thinking and visual literacy. They will also achieve interpersonal proficiencies in written and oral communication, responsible citizenship, diversity awareness and sensitivity, and social intelligence.

Curriculum + Requirements

The bachelor of science in civil engineering requires 132 credits as outlined below.

University Curriculum (46 credits)

Course Title Credits
University Seminars
QU 101 The Individual in the Community 3
QU 201 Seminar on National Community 3
QU 301 Seminar on Global Community 3
English Composition
EN 101 Elements of Composition I 3
EN 102 Elements of Composition II 3
Quantitative Literacy
MA 141 Calculus of a Single Variable I 3
Scientific Literacy
BIO 101/101L General Biology I with lab 4
CHE 110 General Chemistry I 3
Social Science
EC 111 Principles of Microeconomics 3
  Social Science Elective 3
Humanities 6
University Curriculum Electives
MA 142 Calculus of a Single Variable II 3
MA 229 Linear Algebra 3
Total 46

Foundational Courses for Civil Engineering (22 credits)

Course Title Credits
MA 241 Calculus of Several Variables 3
MA 242 Integral Calculus and Differential Equations 3
MA 365 Ordinary Differential Equations 3
PHY 121 Physics I 4
PHY 122 Physics II 4
CSC 110 Programming and Problem Solving 4
CHE 110L General Chemistry Lab I 1

Common Engineering Curriculum (7 credits)

Course Title Credits
ENR 110 The World of an Engineer 3
ENR 210 Engineering Economics and Project Management 3
ENR 395 Professional Development Seminar 1

Civil Engineering Courses (57 credits)

Course Title Credits
MER 210/210L Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics and Design with lab 4
MER 220/220L Mechanics of Materials with lab 4
MER 310 Thermo Fluid Systems I 3
CER 210 Introduction to CE Infrastructure 3
CER 220 Civil Engineering Site Design 3
CER 310 Structural Analysis 3
CER 320/320L Design of Concrete Structures with lab 4
CER 340/340L Soil Mechanics and Foundations Engineering with lab 4
CER 350/350L Hydrology and Hydraulic Design with lab 4
CER 360 Construction Management 3
CER 420 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering 3
CER 445 Advanced Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering 3
CER 455 Advanced Environmental Engineering 3
CER 490 Engineering Professional Experience 1
CER 498 Design of CE Systems 3
Civil Engineering Electives (3 courses) 9