About our Faculty

Our faculty members offer the knowledge and training needed to prepare students for both professional research and medical diagnostic settings. Whether you're planning to work in a hospital, pharmaceutical company or a research organization, our professors will help you build a solid foundation for a successful career as a laboratory professional.

The following is a list of select faculty members and their research interests:

Dwayne Boucaud
Eukaryotic gene regulation; viral replication; viral-host interactions; novel antibacterials

Tom Brady
Human disease mechanisms; evolution; astrobiology; microbiology

Lisa Cuchara
Vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases; the role of fomites in disease transmission; antibiotic resistance (water, food, soil, hosts, infections, MRSA, etc.); commensals and opportunistic pathogens

Christian Eggers
Pathogenic microbiology; scientific writing; molecular genetics; evolution

Ken Kaloustian
Aging mechanisms; comparative endocrinology; exercise physiology; history of biological sciences; evolution

Jeff Martin
Vascular biology; human performance; external pneumatic compression; metabolism

Tom Martin
Fatigue and human performance; ACL injury mechanism and prevention; running related injuries; exercise performance and masters athletes; clostridial diseases

Martine Mirrione
Neuropharmacology; behavioral neuroscience; neuroimaging; deep brain stimulation

Jeff Mital
Cellular microbiology; microbial pathogenesis; immunology; science and society; antimicrobial development and resistance

Christine Niekrash
Human anatomy and histology; interprofessional education; educational research; periodontal disease

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