Negotiation Training: Reaching Agreement When Relationships Matter

Negotiation is at the heart of every human interaction. But negotiators often fail to achieve their goals, and occasionally even damage valued relationships. This negotiation training can help you seize opportunities to improve business and personal relationships while achieving your negotiation goals. The training is based on principles of interest-based negotiation--principles that have been used successfully to reach agreement on issues as small as where to go for dinner and as important as where to draw new national boundaries. Through experiential learning, you will apply what you learn immediately on the big and small negotiations that are important to you.

Designed for business people and lawyers as well as other professionals, and led by William Logue and Paddy Moore, nationally recognized trainers, negotiators, and consensus-builders, the course provides participants with opportunities to learn new negotiation skills, practice what they have learned, and receive personal feedback. Participants will learn a step-by-step process for achieving better negotiation outcomes through understanding:

  • Negotiation styles--yours, theirs, and when to use different approaches
  • How to avoid common negotiator mistakes and overcome substantive and procedural barriers
  • How to deal with difficult people and emotions--yours and theirs
  • How to identify interests and set goals
  • How to exchange information without undermining your negotiation goals
  • Strategies to start the negotiation, bargain, close and sustain the parties' commitment
  • How to maintain and build relationships throughout the negotiation

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