Program Outcomes

The objectives of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program are to prepare graduates for professional nursing practice who are capable of providing holistic health care for diverse individuals, families, communities and populations in a variety of settings.

Specifically, the program seeks to produce graduates who:

  • Demonstrate clinical reasoning through an understanding of science and evidence-based practice.
  • Design, implement and evaluate quality improvement initiatives across the systems in which health care is delivered.
  • Analyze and critique the available evidence for best practices in health care.
  • Apply technology and information fluency to conduct practice inquiry.
  • Advocate for rational health policies to improve patient care and enhance effective use of resources.
  • Demonstrate leadership through interprofessional collaboration to improve patient and population health outcomes.
  • Direct health promotion and disease prevention efforts to improve patient and population health outcomes.
  • Provide culturally sensitive and ethically based care to individuals and/or populations in a defined specialty of advanced nursing practice.

The DNP program outcomes are consistent with the University mission to educate students with a high degree of professionalism, and to produce lifelong learners who can, upon graduation, become leaders in their professions and the communities where they live, and act as informed citizens.

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