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The fine and performing arts have an important place at Quinnipiac. You'll find dozens of courses in theater, film, fine arts, computer/interactive arts and music-and lots of artistic and cultural events.

You'll also find active and intriguing student groups. Some details:

The A Cappella Group
The A Cappella Group is a coed a cappella group whose members enjoy singing and performing in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Membership is open to all students, regardless of musical experience. The group is always looking for new faces and voices to add to The A Cappella Group community!

Asian Novelty in Media Entertainment (ANIME) Club
The Anime Club brings together individuals who share an interest in anime, comics, sci-fi, and pop-culture to view, discuss, inform, and celebrate people of various types of these sub-cultures. The group aims to enlighten the community about Japanese media and art. The club branches into manga, video games, card games, comics, sci-fi, graphic novels and cosplaying.

Dance Company
The Dance Company is a student-run organization open to all students interested in technique, choreography and performance. The purpose of the Dance Company is to promote all types of dance through the several phases of dance production: choreography, costuming, production and publicity. Members are required to be dedicated to the company and enthusiastic about dance.

Fourth Wall Theater
Whether you long for the spotlight or want a front-row seat, the Fourth Wall puts drama at center stage. Come share the power of theater with the school and community.

Praise "2" Him Ensemble
The purpose of this organization is to bring gospel music to everyone, and to bring diversity to the campus and community. This group provides a use of their talents to serve and expose the community to music that is said to heal the soul.

The purpose of this group is to bring music, in all forms, to the Quinnipiac community. This will be accomplished by providing opportunities for members to practice, events to perform at, and music lessons for those who wish to learn an instrument or expand their current skills. This group will provide the opportunity for the campus as a whole to benefit by attending these performances.

QU Spirit
The Quinnipiac University Spirit members are an energetic and dedicated group of fans that take pride in the University and its athletics. They strive toward a sense of support for Quinnipiac athletics and the University community.

QU Photography Club
The purpose of this organization is to hold monthly contests as well as invite guest photographers to come and speak regarding different aspects of the industry and the technical side of photography. It is a place for photographers and photography lovers to share ideas and insights.

Quinnipiac Ballroom Society
The purpose of this organization is to teach students the fundamentals of ballroom dancing, movement of the body and social interaction. This organization gives students the essential skills to perform ballroom dancing and to achieve a fluency in their ability to dance. Additionally this organization teaches students the essence of various ballroom dances, which are exhibited globally.

Quinnipiac Film Society
The Quinnipiac Film Society exists to serve as an outlet for Quinnipiac filmakers to create content in a community setting. It also provides a competitive, but friendly and open, atmosphere for its members to share ideas.

Quinnipiac Glee Club (QU Legends)
QU Legends provides live musical performances for the Quinnipiac community. The group offers a full spectrum of musical opportunities for students, including solo and ensemble pieces to be performed a cappella, acoustically, or with full accompaniment. The QU Legends is open to all talented students looking for an artistic outlet including singers, dancers, choreographers, musicians and composers.

Quinnipiac University Outreach Through Expression--QUOTE
This organization brings together a diverse group of students from the Quinnipiac community to use their creative talents to raise funds and supplies for local nonprofit organizations that dedicate themselves to pressing social issues (e.g., poverty, child abuse, illness). By giving students the opportunity to share their creative talents with the undergraduate population while at the same time donating to nonprofits in Connecticut, QUOTE allows Quinnipiac students to invest themselves in an entity that is equally fun and productive. QUOTE aims to spread greater awareness not only for the organizations that it will donate to, but also for the artistic expression exhibited via QUOTE talent shows or productions.

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