Recreational Groups

Meet students who share your interests and passions through one of Quinnipiac's recreational groups.

QU Chess
The Quinnipiac University Chess Club (QU Chess) provides an opportunity for the University community to enjoy the game of chess. Players of all levels are welcome to join in the fun of learning and playing chess in a friendly environment.

QU Cycling Club
The purpose of this group is to bring together those people interested in cycling. The goal is to allow those individuals to come together to discuss their common interest as well as go on group/club rides.

QU Golf
The purpose and goal of this organization is to stimulate and encourage the game of golf on campus. Its goals include promoting athleticism through the sport of golf along with bringing golfers of the Quinnipiac community together with a common goal. Through these mediums the endeavors of QU Golf will embody the spirit and well roundedness of the Quinnipiac Legend.

QU Snow
QU Snow Club provides students with discounted rates for skiing and snowboarding.

Quinnipiac Running Club
Whether you run for fitness or as a social outlet, Quinnipiac's running club ensures a fun, noncompetitive way to meet fellow runners and gain the motivation to achieve your running goals.

Ultimate Frisbee 101
The purpose of this organization is to encourage students on campus to remain active throughout the year by playing Ultimate Frisbee. The group is non-competitive and geared toward teaching the game to others and allowing anyone to play, even first-timers or those who feel they are not very good at the sport. The group's advisers also help teach the game to newcomers to encourage students to remain active when intramurals are not in session.

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