Learn how you can influence the larger processes of government and social change. Whether you consider yourself conservative or liberal-or you're still deciding-Quinnipiac offers many opportunities to voice your opinion and explore social issues.

Albert Schweitzer Institute Club
The purpose of this club is to promote the ideals and morals of Albert Schweitzer through humanitarian work on both local and widespread levels, emphasizing the values of peace, tolerance and health.

Enactus promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and an ongoing exploration of the free-enterprise system through outreach projects in the community and throughout the world. Enactus also encourages career development and cultivates future opportunities for its members.

Global Affairs Assocation
The purpose of this organization is to educate students on foreign relations through lectures and discussions. To achieve that goal, the group invites experts in the field of foreign relations and/or relating to pertinent global issues to lead lectures and discussions. The Foreign Affairs Council also visits neighboring universities and other relevant organizations that host similar topics of discussion. If beneficial to the organization, sponsorship and/or funding will come from national non-profit, NGOs, and other related groups. This organization will stay politically neutral.

Invisible Children Club
The purpose of this organization is to bring awareness and knowledge to the Quinnipiac campus regarding the current situation in Uganda. Through the work of the organization, the community will be exposed to the atrocities and inhumane acts being imposed upon innocent people in Uganda. In addition, one of the biggest goals of the organization will be to raise funds for the Invisible Children Inc., through activities such as dinners, movie screenings, and other various fundraising events.

Quinnipiac University Democrats
The Quinnipiac University Democrats promotes and educates students about civic responsibility and the electoral and democratic processes while providing students with an opportunity to engage in political, civic and social activities.

Quinnipiac University Republicans
This group educates undergraduates about the Republican Party and offers ways for students to become more active in the GOP in Hamden, the state of Connecticut and nationally. Members also represent the Republican Party at Quinnipiac University on the undergraduate level.

Student Veterans Organization
The Student Veterans Organization raises awareness of veteran issues on and around campus. The group provides support for veterans, those with loved ones currently serving in the Armed Forces, those who wish to show support, and those who are interested in joining the Armed Forces. Learn more about military benefits at Quinnipiac

Students For Education Reform
Students For Education Reform (SFER), a chapter of a national nonprofit, aims to raise awareness that the achievement gap is an unacceptable social injustice, but is solvable. The group aims to create a larger and more diverse human capital pipeline into education, and try to secure legislative victories at the state level that will put students first. SFER believes all students deserve equal access to a high quality education.

Students for Environmental Action
Students for Environmental Action is committed to pursuing a vision of a sustainable, environmentally-conscious community at Quinnipiac University. Members engage both the student body and the administration in moving Quinnipiac towards being green. Activities include hosting a University-wide competition between residence halls to reduce energy consumption.

VITA (Pro-Life Awareness)
VITA exists to raise awareness regarding pro-life issues including, but not limited to, abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, embryonic stem cell research, and artificial conception. The group accomplishes this through discussion, research, outside speakers, distribution of literature and community service.

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