The Quinnipiac University leadership development program strives to provide formal, deliberate and structured leadership opportunities in the areas of individual growth and organizational development. Through the various programs offered, students are encouraged and challenged to extend learning beyond the classroom in the high quality experiential activities that will prepare them for complex issues in their community and chosen profession.

The program challenges students to:

    Enrich and deepen their self-knowledge
    Develop self-confidence and competence
    Manage their time, energy and efforts in order to live balanced lives
    Recognize and assume accountability for their actions and decisions
    Communicate and interact effectively
    Think creatively and critically
    Consider and understand multiple perspectives
    Embrace the responsibilities associated with becoming an ethical leader

Programs Offered:
Annual Leadership Conference
This event features an interactive keynote speaker as well as educational sessions facilitated by staff, faculty and student leaders.

Tiered Leadership Program
This program consists of emerging leaders, collaborative leaders and citizen leaders. The Emerging Leaders Program is specifically designed for first-year students to help them better understand themselves as leaders. In the Collaborative Leaders Program, students learn to work as a team in group settings. In the Citizen Leaders Program, students focus on engaging and serving others to impact the community.    
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Collaborative Leaders
  • Citizen Leaders

Leadership Forum
The Leadership Forum features guest speakers who conduct a formal leadership presentation to the Quinnipiac community. The forum allows for campus-wide exposure and discussion about various dimensions of leadership.

Leadership Workshops
Participants from the Citizen Leaders Program design and present workshops to their peers.

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