What Our Students Say

students at a Hereld House gathering

"It is a place where I can decompress. It is where I go when I need to escape the world and get some good advice from Rabbi Reena."
Ben Chalfin '12

"It  provided me with a location to talk about my problems, a place to gather socially, and ultimately a home away from home. Ever since my first experience, I felt welcomed and always strived to give others that same feeling."
Ashley Levinson '12

"It has a welcoming feel to it. I've made so many Jewish friends, who I would never have met if I wasn't part of it. Being able to go to Shabbat dinner every Friday and spend time with this community is also a great experience."
Ben Mills '13

"It has made me feel so welcome this year. As a transfer student, it has been a second home. Our biweekly Shabbat dinners are great ways to bond with fellow students. Wonderful, warm challah is served at every Shabbat dinner; making Purim Hamantaschen allowed me to celebrate the holiday, even though I was far from home. Most of all, Rabbi Reena has so much energy; she is always available...even just to talk."
Jessica Solup '12

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