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Teaching + Learning

Quinnipiac is all about students. Collaborative, innovative teaching is so important to us that we give annual awards to professors who do it best. Our faculty members are experts in their field, generous with their time and eager to share their knowledge.

The Educational Journey

Quinnipiac offers interconnected, student-centered learning that supports the development of the well-prepared graduate.

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Life-Saving Lessons

Professors and students traveled to Leon, Nicaragua, to teach first aid and CPR to local residents.

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Inquiring Minds

A group of local middle school students learned about the science of anthropology through a special program at Quinnipiac.

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Maximum Exposure

Partnership introduces high school students to college work, hoping to front-load academic success.

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Serve Your Passion

Miguel Rosa witnessed life & death situations while deployed in Afghanistan. The experience inspired the young father to shift his career path from finance to nursing.

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Education for the 21st Century
Students come to Quinnipiac eager to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets that lead to meaningful, satisfying career success. Recognizing the ongoing changes in the world around us, Quinnipiac supports and broadens these individual aspirations through a rigorous educational experience. We expect our students to become intentional learners who embody confidence and integrity, and who will emerge as informed leaders in their professions, in the communities where they live, and in their roles as global citizens in the 21st century.