QUWAC Writing Contest

The QUWAC Writing Contest recognizes and rewards exemplary student writing in the disciplines.

For the tenth year, QUWAC is collecting nominations for the Writing Across the Curriculum Undergraduate Student Writing Contest. We are accepting submissions in seven categories:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Health Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Social Science
  • STEM

First Prize winners will receive a cash award of $125 and the honor of having their work published on the web. Selected winners will have the opportunity to have their entry published in the Quinnipiac University Casebook, within The Little Bobcat Handbook. On the judges' recommendation, Honorable Mentions will be awarded and published on the QUWAC site. 

We encourage faculty to recommend work that reflects the highest standards of critical thinking and writing. Creative, professional, and academic writing is eligible. We also encourage submissions that have been prepared as group projects. Writing in EN101 or EN102 is not eligible, as the Mary Segall Prize honors first year writing. Otherwise, any piece of work prepared as part of a course assignment for the 2014-2015 academic year may be entered in the contest.

Eligibility and Submission Requirements

There are three parts to the submission process, all of which must be received by Daniele Dugre-Martin, assistant to Paul Pasquaretta, the Research and Writing Institute coordinator, no later than Friday, May 8, 2015, so that she has time to prepare materials for the judges, who will begin their work on Tuesday morning, May 12th. Daniele may be reached via email, or via campus mail in The Learning Commons: ABL-TLC. 

1. The Entry: Submissions must be formatted in a manner that is correct and appropriate to the discipline and submitted as a word.doc, pdf, or other standard program. Students may submit their own work, or may have their work submitted by the sponsoring faculty.

2. The Permission Form: The submission process is a collaboration between students and faculty. In addition to the entry itself, a permission form, completed and signed by the student and sponsoring faculty member is required. Completed forms may be sent as email attachments or hard copies delivered to Daniele in The Learning Commons.  

3. Faculty Recommendation: In order to assist the judges in understanding the exemplary nature and critical thinking elements of the entry, we ask sponsoring faculty members to send Daniele an email with a brief description of the assignment and its place in the course, the evaluation criteria, and how the submission meets the standards of exemplary work. 

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