QUWAC Writing Contest

The QUWAC Writing Contest recognizes and rewards exemplary student writing in the disciplines.

For the ninth year, QUWAC and the Research and Writing Institute held the Writing Across the Curriculum Student Writing Contest. Winners received a $150 prize and the honor of having their work published on the Writing Across the Curriculum website.

Learn more and read the winning essays.

Exemplary Writing in Arts and Humanities:
First Prize
Samantha Dyar, psychology
"Sex Icons and the Working Class of Men:
Mutual Exploitation in a Capitalistic Society"
QU201 Our National Community
Paul Pasquaretta, Research and Writing Institute coordinator

Honorable Mention
Andrew Landolfi, print journalism/English
"Candles in the Dark"
EN 302 Advanced Creative Nonfiction
Valerie Smith, associate professor of English

Exemplary Writing in Business and Engineering:
Emanuel Binyam, marketing
"James W. McGlothlin: A Leader in Business"
QU301 The Global Community
Jennifer Driscoll, assistant dean of academic services

Exemplary Writing in Communications:
Samantha Lizzio, communications
"Music and Media"
ICM 501 Theories of Interactive Media
Josh Braun, assistant professor of communications

Exemplary Writing in Health Sciences:
Erin Murphy, Biomedical Science
"Clinical Manifestations and the Severity of Syphilis"
BMS 372 Pathogenic Microbiology
Christian Eggers, associate professor of biomedical sciences

Exemplary Writing in Nursing:
First Prize
Laura Caneira, nursing
"Diagnosing Child Abuse: The Role of the Nurse Practitioner"
Nursing 651, Family Health Practicum and Seminar I
Karen Myrick, assistant professor of nursing

Honorable Mention
Sarahi Almonte, nursing
"I Believe This About Nursing"
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing Scholarship
Barbara Glynn, assistant professor of nursing

Exemplary Writing in Social Sciences:
First Prize
Leann Misencik, psychology
"Effects of Bilingualism on Verbal and Nonverbal Abilities:
Implications for Assessment of Language Ability of Bilingual Students"
PS 409 Senior Seminar
Michele Hoffnung, professor of psychology

Honorable Mention
Elicia Fortier, criminal justice
 "The Insanity Defense: An Evolving Standard Lacking Uniformity"
CJ 385 Senior Capstone
Alan Bruce, professor of sociology

Learn more and read the winning essays.

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