The mission of the Department of Biological Sciences is to provide students with the breadth and depth of knowledge in biology that will allow them to:
  1. incorporate the biological sciences and its scholarly methodologies into the broad perspectives of an arts and sciences education and their own individual lives;
  2. continually reconstruct a worldview that is consistent with the current state of scientific knowledge;
  3. appreciate the unity of knowledge across disciplinary boundaries, and the ways in which the various fields of knowledge enlighten and illuminate one another;
  4. become useful and productive contributors within their chosen professions;
  5. continue learning independently throughout their lives;
  6. assess, from a critical and analytic perspective, the state of knowledge within a variety of biological subdisciplines, and
  7. have at their fingertips the intellectual tools to formulate readily testable hypotheses, design sound experiments, analyze and evaluate data, and draw legitimate conclusions.
Programs in the Department of Biological Sciences provide scientific training as part of an arts and sciences education and develop an understanding of the nature of biological systems. Courses furnish a broad scientific background for advanced study in various biological and medical areas.

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