In its mission statement, Quinnipiac emphasizes its commitment to the academic community. As an academic community, our students, faculty and staff work together to acquire and extend knowledge, develop skills and competencies, and serve the greater good of our nation and local communities. Our individual and collective inquiry and pursuit of knowledge are only possible when each of us in the community is aware of and strives to maintain a code of ethical practice and integrity. All communities, though diverse in their individual members, are based on a shared set of beliefs and values that serve as their foundation. At Quinnipiac, our community has chosen integrity as one of its guiding principles.

Integrity means upholding a code or standard of values. In its most general sense, integrity also means being complete. As an academic community, the completeness that we seek includes asking each individual to see her or his life as a whole, and to understand how the actions he or she takes affect self, others and the community. Individual actions also affect the community of higher education as a whole. In keeping with this commitment to the Quinnipiac community and the larger community of higher learning, Quinnipiac is a member of the Center for Academic Integrity (CAI), a consortium of institutions of higher education committed to the principle of integrity. Our academic integrity policy is based on the five fundamental values outlined by the CAI: honesty, trust, responsibility, fairness and respect. 

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