FVI 380 - Projects in Audio Production (EN 303 GDD 303)
(3 cr.) This course is about storytelling. Students use multitrack audio production to activate not only the human voice in narratives, but also the ambient sounds of the environment, the music in imagination and the more subtle inner-symphonies of moods, attitudes and emotions. Participants read and listen widely to gain a sense of the history and theory of radio art. The class asks questions and listens to answers. Students represent what they see and hear, and invent that which they do not see or hear. They sit and write in isolation, wrestle with not-so-familiar technologies, learn to become ruthless and artful editors, and share the results of their labors in a stimulating and mutually supportive workshop environment. Finally, they spend time identifying target audiences and looking at ways to distribute their work to the larger world of public radio. Prerequisite: JRN 160; Every Year, All

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