Certificate of Completion in Special Education

This Certificate of Completion in Special Education is a 12-credit option for MAT program teacher candidates. Three credits are earned as part of the required program of study for the MAT program. The additional nine credits required for the Special Education Certificate of Completion are earned through two 4-credit online courses offered during the J-term, and a 1-credit independent study to be completed during the final semester of the program. 

MAT program candidates interested in the Certificate of Completion in Special Education should notify the associte dean of the School of Education by Sept. 1 of their senior year (or the start of the first semester for candidates in the 5-semester MAT program), as the first course in the optional program, SPEC 545, is taken online during the J-term of the candidate's senior year. 

Program of Study

Course Title Credits
SPED 545 Introduction to the Exceptional Child 4
SPED 482 Special Education 3
or SPED 552 Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
or SPED 582 Special Education
SPED 565 Characteristics of Students with Emotional and Learning Disabilities 4
or SPED 566 Autism and Related Communication Disorders
SPED 567 Independent Research in Special Education 1

Request More Information

For more information, please contact Judy Falaro, coordinator of the special education certificate of completion program at judith.falaro@quinnipiac.edu,  or Beth Strathy, associate dean of the School of Education at beth.larkins-strathy@quinnipiac.edu.