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ICM 522, Social Media Techniques and Practices, 3 graduate credits
Fall 2014, Spring 2015 - 12 weeks
The proliferation of social media in society has created a new communications environment built on platforms that encourage contribution and collaboration through user-created media and interaction. This course explores the underlying theoretical concepts, development and management of social media platforms as well as the creation of effective strategies to facilitate a viable social media presence. Covered will be:

  • Content creation and interactions from semester-long blog postings
  • Establishment and maintenance of credible social media presence on multiple platforms
  • Demonstration and understanding of platform usage and capabilities
  • Written analysis and review of notable social media practitioners or brands
  • Overall growth, and effectiveness of student's semester-long social media presence

ICM 524, Social Media Analytics, 3 graduate credits
Fall 2014, Spring 2015 - 12 weeks
Social media presents communicators with an unparalleled ability to measure and track a deluge of data in order to derive insights on the effectiveness of their campaigns. This has made analytics one of the most critical tools in the social media marketer's arsenal. This course will give students a working knowledge of the analytics process and analytics tools along with their application to communications objectives within real-world situations. Covered will be:

  • Creation of an overall analytics strategy including valid KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Use of analytics tools and review of actual engagement and results reporting
  • Semester-long analytics project including developing KPIs and baseline metrics, monitoring activities using a variety of tools and creating regular reporting, analysis and actionable recommendations.

ICM 526, Community Management, 3 graduate credits
Fall 2014 - 12 weeks
The social Web is made up of communities - groups of interconnected individuals linked by shared interests - who are at the heart of any effective social media program. The role of a community manager is to help create, nurture and activate online communities by building transparent and meaningful relationships with their members. This course will explore the roles, responsibilities, strategies and tactics community managers will need to create viable, successful and sustainable communities. Covered will be:

  • Use of social media listening platforms and development of listening reports
  • Development of user personas and profiles of key community constituents
  • Creation of community governance policies
  • Development of sustainable engagement tactics based on community interests
  • Reviews and written analysis of case studies highlighting "do's and don'ts" of social media engagement.

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