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The popularity and ubiquity of social media in society has created the need for social media specialists who can understand and elevate the social media presence of any organization. This rapid rise has redefined job descriptions in professions such as journalism, public relations and advertising, to name a few. It has also created a need across businesses, non-profits, government and educational entities for qualified practitioners to develop strategies and introduce social media into their public and internal operations. With its growing stories of success, and failure, businesses across all verticals realize that social media is no longer something to be "left to the intern."

Who chooses the social media concentration?
Students in the social media concentration are people who love being online. They want to understand what makes social media work beyond Facebook or Twitter. They will not be afraid to use analytical tools to understand social media trends and data. They understand the need for excellent writing skills. They will appreciate the ethical and policy issues confronting the use of social media and will learn to act as professionals. They want to elevate the presence of a business or organization using social media.

Social media concentration students understand that social media is part of the larger field of interactive media and will learn that theory, policy, writing and user-centered design are central to the online experience.

Core requirements (15 credits):

Course Title Credits
Core requirements (15 credits)
ICM 501 Issues in Contemporary Media 3
ICM 502 Information Design 3
ICM 505 Introduction to Front End Development 3
ICM 506 Writing for Interactive Media 3
ICM 552 Internet Ethics and Policy 3
Social media concentration courses (15 credits)
ICM 522 Social Media Platforms, Concepts, and Usage 3
ICM 524 Social Media Analytics, SEO, and Search 3
ICM 526 Community Management 3
ICM 527 Strategic Planning 3
  Elective 3
Required capstone experience (6 credits)
ICM 590 Project Planning 3
ICM 601 Master's Capstone 3

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.

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