President Obama's response to the increasing violence in Cairo

Colleen Driscoll

President Obama has responded to the increasing violence in Cairo, Egypt. Colleen M. Driscoll, assistant professor of political science, is available to comment.

 "As President Obama said, the opportunity for reconciliation of the differing views of the Egyptian people has been ignored and violence has been used instead. As of this time, the President has only cancelled the regular joint military exercises in the region known as Bright Star which were to be held next month. He had made an earlier decision not to stop the financial support the U.S. gives Egypt, but that could change if the violence continues."President Obama today posted a YouTube video in response to the increasing violence on the streets of Cairo, Egypt," said Driscoll. "As of Thursday morning, 525 demonstrators were reported to have been killed by the military leadership that has now declared martial law. This act by the interim government and the military to requests by the Egyptian people for the return of a democratically elected government is a violation of every democratic principle upholding the right of protest and of the human rights of the Egyptian people.

"The Egyptian people, a proud, intelligent people, as the President said, do deserve better. They want a government that has their interests as its goal, not the interests of the few. We can hope that the call by the United States and other countries for true democratic change in Egypt will be heard and heeded by the government and the military."

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