Anthem acquires Cigna

Angela Mattie

Angela Mattie, associate professor of management and chair of the health care management and organizational leadership program in the School of Business, is available to comment on Anthem acquiring Cigna.

"Some argue this latest consolidation will bring economies of scale and greater efficiencies to the health care arena," Mattie said. "Opponents, especially health care providers, are concerned that this might put more control in the hands of insurers and potentially lead to increased premiums. One thing is certain in the ever changing business of health care, mergers and consolidations are commonplace and here to stay. We need to continue to focus our national dialogue on maintaining value in our health care system, bringing the greatest efficiencies and never forgetting what we are delivering is patient care. We must assure that our delivery system, regardless of who is insuring it, provides quality and safe care to all."

Mattie received her master's degree in public health with distinction from Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, a juris doctorate at the University Of Connecticut School of Law, and an undergraduate degree from Quinnipiac University. She is admitted to the Connecticut and Massachusetts bar.

If you're interested in speaking to Mattie, please contact John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations, at 203-206-4449 (cell) or 203-582-5359 (office).

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