Arunan Arulampalam JD ’14

Quinnipiac law student Arunan Arulampalam

While working on political campaigns, Arunan Arulampalam had experienced the competitive side of the law. When he came to Quinnipiac, he found a collegial atmosphere where he could learn about the law in depth.

Arulampalam worked first as a staffer on a gubernatorial campaign and then as a campaign manager for a state senate race. He noticed that a few of his bosses, who were lawyers, had a unique way of approaching problems - a skill that Arulampalam wanted to learn.

"The lawyers' brains worked differently than others," says Arulampalam. "They were able to digest new and complex issues in a unique way."

In addition to learning to "think like a lawyer," Arulampalam wanted to gain a more in-depth understanding of the law. "By working in politics, I was involved in the process of making laws, but I felt like I knew very little about the law. So I wanted to gain an understanding of the law as it applied legislatively."

Last summer, Arulampalam split his time between a Hartford firm and a corporation, working in a range of areas, including finance law, energy law and export compliance. This summer he will work for another firm in Hartford, which he hopes will help him narrow down the type of law he'll pursue after graduation.

Now a second-year student, Arulampalam came to Quinnipiac School of Law because he was impressed by the collegial atmosphere and the small professor/student ratio. "It's a really supportive environment, there's no negative competition among the students," Arulampalam explains. "Everyone is really rooting for each other and wants to see the other succeed. Anyone from any walk of life could study law here."

Arulampalam also appreciates the high-quality faculty at Quinnipiac. "The professors are really amazing teachers. The one-on-one interaction you get here is unparalleled. Aside from being competent, good teachers, and being willing to meet outside of class, they have been some of my biggest advocates, recommending me to organizations and firms without my even requesting it."


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