As you choose a college and career, we invite you to give serious thought to the world of international business and Quinnipiac University.

Businesses of every size continually invest personnel and resources in foreign markets and/or multinational production - and the demand for properly trained staff is increasing dramatically. Qualified staff are also in high demand at state and federal government organizations that assist businesses to link with foreign partners and vice versa.

Nongovernmental organizations, such as industry associations, labor groups and environmental groups, are always in need of well-trained personnel who can bring analytical minds and cutting-edge decision-making tools to the problems they face.

Quinnipiac's Department of International Business is a recognized frontrunner in preparing graduates for the ever-changing global context. All of our faculty have domestic and international professional experience and maintain strong contacts in the corporate community. Our close ties with business and industry executives are a source of meaningful internship opportunities. As a result of our comprehensive approach, graduates of our program now pursue successful careers in the United States and abroad.

The University offers a learning environment that is both personal and challenging. Our core curriculum and wide range of courses produce students who are knowledgeable and adaptable to new situations. The international business faculty members themselves are generous with their time, encouragement and individual attention. Our strong sense of community creates a total and memorable college experience.

In addition, the International Business Society is a student organization that  provides opportunities to visit internationally oriented companies in the Northeast, and is active in establishing and strengthening ties with local companies through projects on export and foreign market entry  for local business and entrepreneurs.

We offer a:

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